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SharePoint Products and Technologies Protocol Documentation Update

For those of you that are working with integrating SharePoint with other technologies or just plumb curious as to the interfaces and technical specifications to take into account while developing solutions, best check out the 186 MB of SharePoint Products and Technologies Protocol Documentation that was recently updated and re-released. The original documentation was released back in July 2010.

Quick access here:

Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Protocol Documentation – (1/10/11 v1.11)

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ShareClave 2010 Unconference

Not going to the SharePoint Conference 2009 in Vegas due to circumstances beyond your control? Live in the Northern Virginia area? Want to know more about SharePoint 2010? Check out ShareClave, the 2010 Unconference on 24 October in Reston, VA at the Microsoft Technology Center.

The agenda is a hybrid conference / unconference schedule. The first half of the day will be structured with a few presentations from professionals in the SharePoint community that have been working with SharePoint 2010 for a while now. The latter half of the day will be unconference style where breakout groups form and go through different topics a little more indepth.

To register go here quick:


SharePoint SharePint DC – 30 June


It’s Summer time, which means it’s time to kick back and relax with your colleagues in the SharePoint community, share a pint of your favourite beverage and network a little.  Besides, it’s warm outside, you’ve been inside developing solutions and working on configuration settings – relax and breath, get out of the office and enjoy an opportunity to network with others before hitting the road or metro home.

What: SharePint, an opportunity to get together with other SharePoint professional, enthusiasts and folks in the community to chat about what’s going on – no pressure, no presentation, no phluff. 🙂  You’ve probably heard of SharePint before through Andrew Woodward at

Where: Our initial SharePoint SharePint DC will be taking place at Hunan One in Arlington, VA just off of Wilson Boulevard, convenient to the Clarendon metro.  Happy Hour specials start at 11  in the morning and go til about 8:30 PM.

Hunan One is located at 3033 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA (

When:  6 PM is when I hope to be there – you should be too!

How: Well, because Hunan One has some pretty sweet happy hour specials, it’s every SharePointer for themselves in covereing their costs…

Any questions, pop me a note – my contact info is over on the About Me page, and will point you to Linked In or Facebook to send a message.  Look forward to meeting folks and seeing some friends!!!


SharePint DC – Coming Soon…

It’s Summer time in the greater DC metro area and what better way to get out of the office a few minutes early, and yet still chat with other SharePoint professionals about the intricacies of infrastructure, architecture, and development than to do so over a pint at a brewery in the greater DC area?

Well, look no further than the latest and greatest, SharePint DC – coming soon!


In tradition with other SharePint events, we’re sponsor free, just declaring a rally point in the city twice a month to convene, share our tales, network, ask questions that are stumping us and just enjoy the company of others in the SharePoint community without a presentation or anything else.

Are there any rules to SharePint DC?

Why yes there are… much like a subsite to its parent in a site collection, we inherit the rules established by the SharePint community…

Please Note:   Like Fight Club there are rules to SharePint:

  1. No sponsorship
  2. No sponsorship
  3. If this is your first SharePint, You have to Drink!

Check back for more details coming soon.  First event will be the last week of June 2009.

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements in June 2009

…that I know of 🙂

USHER_speaker_badgeSo I’m hitting the road on June 19 for SharePoint Saturday Charlotte which is on the 20th.  From there it’s off to Boston for the SharePoint Technology Conference which runs from the 22-24 June.  I speak on the 24th in the afternoon.  If you’re wondering where I’m at after that, head on back to Reston, VA for the Regional SharePoint Users Group which runs from 26-27 June.  Hoping to meet a bunch of folks from Twitter as well as to see others from the community – it’s been too long.

SharePoint Saturday Charlotte – 20 June, 2009 –

SharePoint Technology Conference – 22-24 June, 2009 –

Regional SharePoint Users Group Conference – 26-27 June, 2009 –


DC SharePoint Meetup – 28 Feb 2009

For anyone in the greater DC area, there will be a “Meetup” for SharePoint Professionals today (28 February 2009) at 6 PM at La Madeline’s off of Chain Bridge Road in McLean / Tyson’s Corner, Virginia.

More information about the SharePoint Meetup group can be found at:

More information about this particular event is available at:

Be on the lookout for future Meetup events in the DC area…