SharePoint SharePint DC – 30 June


It’s Summer time, which means it’s time to kick back and relax with your colleagues in the SharePoint community, share a pint of your favourite beverage and network a little.  Besides, it’s warm outside, you’ve been inside developing solutions and working on configuration settings – relax and breath, get out of the office and enjoy an opportunity to network with others before hitting the road or metro home.

What: SharePint, an opportunity to get together with other SharePoint professional, enthusiasts and folks in the community to chat about what’s going on – no pressure, no presentation, no phluff. 🙂  You’ve probably heard of SharePint before through Andrew Woodward at

Where: Our initial SharePoint SharePint DC will be taking place at Hunan One in Arlington, VA just off of Wilson Boulevard, convenient to the Clarendon metro.  Happy Hour specials start at 11  in the morning and go til about 8:30 PM.

Hunan One is located at 3033 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA (

When:  6 PM is when I hope to be there – you should be too!

How: Well, because Hunan One has some pretty sweet happy hour specials, it’s every SharePointer for themselves in covereing their costs…

Any questions, pop me a note – my contact info is over on the About Me page, and will point you to Linked In or Facebook to send a message.  Look forward to meeting folks and seeing some friends!!!

By Dan

A network engineer that's taken an interest in the SharePoint platform, architecting, designing and implementing collaboration tools to help organizations work a little better and lower the stress levels of employees.

I'm a huge fan of classical music, iced tea, and the sound of the ocean - great way to enjoy life if you ask me.

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