Upcoming Speaking Engagements in June 2009

…that I know of 🙂

USHER_speaker_badgeSo I’m hitting the road on June 19 for SharePoint Saturday Charlotte which is on the 20th.  From there it’s off to Boston for the SharePoint Technology Conference which runs from the 22-24 June.  I speak on the 24th in the afternoon.  If you’re wondering where I’m at after that, head on back to Reston, VA for the Regional SharePoint Users Group which runs from 26-27 June.  Hoping to meet a bunch of folks from Twitter as well as to see others from the community – it’s been too long.

SharePoint Saturday Charlotte – 20 June, 2009 – http://go.spdan.com/spsclt

SharePoint Technology Conference – 22-24 June, 2009 – http://go.spdan.com/sptechcon

Regional SharePoint Users Group Conference – 26-27 June, 2009 – http://go.spdan.com/rsug

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