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SharePint Northern Virginia Edition

Come one, come all! SharePint!!!

So not to interfere with any SharePoint events this week, but I figured that with so many folks in town this week, why not have a few social events? Who’s in town you ask? Well, MindSharp is in town for a training event and with good ole MindSharp comes Todd Bleeker. Oh but wait, there’s more! Erica Toelle happens to be around as well. What’s more, I think I saw a tweet about Jason Medero being around this week as well. And for those familiar with SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach’s Susan Lennon, yup she’s here this week too! And not to be out done, Paul Swider will be around for a few days as well.

So what’s that mean? Social hour with the SharePoint Crew… aka SharePint 🙂

Originally we thought, “Let’s have it all in Springfield, that’s where most folks will be right?” But after a little bit of thought, it looks like we’re going to switch things up a bit:

Tentative Schedule (note changes will be tweeted by @sharepintdc)

Monday, 2/22/2010 – 7 PM – Houlihan’s in Springfield, VA (in the Hilton)
Tuesday, 2/23/2010 – 7 PM – Houlihan’s in Herndon, VA (in the Crowne Plaza)
Wednesday, 2/24/2010 – 7 PM – Rock Bottom in Arlington, VA (in Ballston Commons)
Thursday, 2/25/2010 – 7  PM –  Mike’s American Grill in Springfield, VA

So right now it’s all tentative, but hopefully we’ll be able to gather the crowd and hang out 🙂

Off Topic

It's all in the brand…

Most of the time, I try to keep posts related to either a SharePoint topic or an event or something that I’ve been pondering with regard to architecture, infrastructure or administration. This weekend however was a real treat to have Heather Waterman, one of the SharePoint Branding subject matter experts, pay a visit to the Washington DC metropolitan area.
For those of you that don’t know Heather, she’s been in the SharePoint field for several years and has designed and implemented several complex and alluring site layouts. She’s developed and designed themes and layouts that are sold commercially to give SharePoint that not so SharePoint out of the box look that we all work to keep our implementations not look like. But there’s definitely another side to Heather that we don’t always see.
So during Heather’s visit, I was fortunate enough to get to spend some time and pick her mind about several SharePoint things to include branding, end user interactions, usability, information workers, upcoming conferences, as well as how we can work better to foster the community.
But over a pint of Guinness at the Dubliner in DC I was fortunate to receive some advice and life lessons that I’ll definitely take to heart. Amazing how the community looks after it’s own through trials that we all face.
Heather was hoping to take a tour of the National Capitol while up here, but unfortunately things fell through. So instead, I decided to do the next best thing and introduce her to the President while here in DC. Now granted, it wasn’t the sitting current day president, but hey, meeting President Jefferson, who was very cordial mind you especially on such short notice. After our fine Irish dinner or corned beef and cabbage and Guinness we wandered around to Madame Tussaud’s in DC where TJ lives in a wax representation. It’s quite an interesting museum with several pop stars and American leaders, but I’m not quite certain that it measures up all the way to the wax museum in London.
Overall a fun time in DC, for any of you that make your way to Northern Virginia or DC, pop me a tweet @usher.


SharePoint SharePint DC – 30 June


It’s Summer time, which means it’s time to kick back and relax with your colleagues in the SharePoint community, share a pint of your favourite beverage and network a little.  Besides, it’s warm outside, you’ve been inside developing solutions and working on configuration settings – relax and breath, get out of the office and enjoy an opportunity to network with others before hitting the road or metro home.

What: SharePint, an opportunity to get together with other SharePoint professional, enthusiasts and folks in the community to chat about what’s going on – no pressure, no presentation, no phluff. 🙂  You’ve probably heard of SharePint before through Andrew Woodward at

Where: Our initial SharePoint SharePint DC will be taking place at Hunan One in Arlington, VA just off of Wilson Boulevard, convenient to the Clarendon metro.  Happy Hour specials start at 11  in the morning and go til about 8:30 PM.

Hunan One is located at 3033 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA (

When:  6 PM is when I hope to be there – you should be too!

How: Well, because Hunan One has some pretty sweet happy hour specials, it’s every SharePointer for themselves in covereing their costs…

Any questions, pop me a note – my contact info is over on the About Me page, and will point you to Linked In or Facebook to send a message.  Look forward to meeting folks and seeing some friends!!!


SharePint DC – Coming Soon…

It’s Summer time in the greater DC metro area and what better way to get out of the office a few minutes early, and yet still chat with other SharePoint professionals about the intricacies of infrastructure, architecture, and development than to do so over a pint at a brewery in the greater DC area?

Well, look no further than the latest and greatest, SharePint DC – coming soon!


In tradition with other SharePint events, we’re sponsor free, just declaring a rally point in the city twice a month to convene, share our tales, network, ask questions that are stumping us and just enjoy the company of others in the SharePoint community without a presentation or anything else.

Are there any rules to SharePint DC?

Why yes there are… much like a subsite to its parent in a site collection, we inherit the rules established by the SharePint community…

Please Note:   Like Fight Club there are rules to SharePint:

  1. No sponsorship
  2. No sponsorship
  3. If this is your first SharePint, You have to Drink!

Check back for more details coming soon.  First event will be the last week of June 2009.