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AAM – The Bain of search problems…

Alternate Access Mappings

Recently, I rain into an issue where WSS v3 search results weren’t working properly. It ended up being a pretty simple fix in that the web application authentication setup (basic versus integrated windows authentication) with the alternate access mappings weren’t configured properly.  After a little bit of modification to the settings, wallah, things worked magnificently.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with AAM, definitely a topic that you should be familiar with to ensure that you architect your solutions properly in the first place so that search problems, among others don’t come back to bite you or your developers in the long run.

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Getting in the SharePoint biz…

and dot net

In today’s world of exploding growth in the SharePoint market space where folks are using the platform for all sorts of different things, it’s been somewhat comical to see business folks try to pick up the SharePoint lingo to “get in the game.”  It’s also been somewhat comical to see the above situations occur 🙂


Documentation gone awry…

Have you ever had those moments where someone asks about the documentation you wrote a while ago…