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SharePoint Saturday New York 2016 – Getting Started with Office 365

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve been up to the Big Apple for a conference or technology show and once more the SPSNYC team without fail has pulled off a terrific show with a solid group of speakers and sponsors. This go round I had the privilege of presenting on a topic near and dear to my heart, good ole Office 365. The attendees of the session were incredible and engaging – nothing more as a speaker that I could have asked for (except perhaps more time)…

The Office 365 adoption story is one of continued evolution as new experiences come to be through Groups and Delve. What’s more interesting is when you begin to peal back the layers and begin working with capabilities such as the Office 365 Connectors within Groups to begin fostering information sharing with colleagues and team members that you might be working with.

In addition to presenting it was great to catch up with fellow technologists, speakers, MVPs and long time friends. Thanks to the SharePoint Saturday community for continuing to thrive and to Microsoft for continuing to support the community and its events! Look forward to seeing you all next year!

Nevertheless, if you’re here and you’re looking for the slides, look no further, they’re available here:

SPS NYC – Getting started with Office 365 for IT Pros from Dan Usher
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SharePoint Saturday Wrapup… Baltimore, Atlanta and Dayton

The past couple of months have been somewhat of a blur – in a good way for the most part, outside of the derecho that Scott Hoag and I drove through on the way to SharePoint Saturday Dayton.

From an adventure that started on 11 May 2012 in Baltimore at the speakers dinner catching up with Eric Harlan and Cathy Dew to venturing up to Toronto, Canada for the SharePoint Summit to hang with Todd Klindt and Lori Gowin to coming back to head to SharePoint Saturday Atlanta to see Cathy again as well as a host of others to include such wonderful hosts (Ron Jones, Dan Attis, and Matt Ranlett). From there a little of breather was had traveling to Dayton, OH with Scott to see such fine hosts to include Stacy Deere, Stephanie Donahue, and Sean McDonough, whilst bumping into the likes of Virgil Carroll, John Ferringer, and Enrique Lima.

So enough talk and call outs, bring forth the slides! 😉

May 11, 2012

2 June 2012

SharePoint Worst Practices

View more PowerPoint from Dan Usher

30 June 2012

Look forward to further adventures in the near future and meeting more wonderful SharePoint folks!


SharePoint Saturday Philly

If you’ve not been to Philadelphia for a SharePoint Saturday event – you really should consider checking it out sometime here in the near future.  Why do I say this? Because these folks have it down to a science – David Mann, Peter Senescu, Michael Mukalian and Bill Wolff. It’s a fantastic event that is well put together and I’ve gotta say – packed with speakers that are rockin’ solid.

I was honored to be selected with my colleague Edmond Avanesian and to present on Worst Practices – that’s right, worst practices. Why Worst and not Best? Because everyone tells about the good things to do – why not enlighten folks as to the things to avoid 🙂

So if you’re curious, here’s the slide deck:


SharePoint Saturday Charlotte – Recap

So I figure that a month has passed and I owe a bit of a recapitulation of yet another speaking event that I had an opportunity to be a part of. First off, I must give credit to the team that put on the event, led up by Dan Lewis – well done!

4890_97635493105_521328105_2210270_7126257_n For me, it was a great kick off to spending the week on the road, speaking in Boston, MA and Reston, VA thereafter.  While I was not able to make it to the speaker’s dinner due to unforeseen conflicts, I was stoked to spend the better part of Saturday and Sunday morning with the speakers that included a stellar bunch of folks.  I hadn’t met several of the speakers in person, but knew of them through their blogs and Twitter.

I presented on a topic near and dear to my heart dealing with logical architectures and the considerations that come into play when planning for and then implementing such a system.  The session went off without a hitch and the largest crowd I’ve had as well.

My slides for the event are available here:  PowerPoint 2007 format.


SharePoint Saturday Baltimore

I’ve been accepted to speak at SharePoint Saturday Baltimore on 25 July 2009.  I’ll be giving a talk on the basics of authentication in the context of SharePoint Services platform, with the title of the topic aptly, “Why can’t I access the portal? SharePoint Authentication 101”.

More often than not recently at least I’ve found that it tends to be the surrounding infrastructure that is the true culprit causing my end users to not be able to authenticate.  In this talk I’ll be going into the basics of good ole authentication, different authentication methods and some basic troubleshooting tactics.

If you’re on Twitter, setup a search for conversations on the topic of SharePoint Saturday Baltimore with the hashtag – #spsbmore, as well as following @SPSBaltimore for the latest on the event.

For more details on SharePoint Saturday Baltimore, check out – definitely a strong line up of speakers to include:

Adam Macaulay
Buddy Webber
CA Callahan
Cathy Dew
Dan Lewis
Dux Raymond Sy
Eric Harlan
Errin O’Connor
Gary Vaughan
Geoff Varosky
Joel Oleson
Kenneth Lo
Linc Williams
Martin Boggess
Michael Noel
Mike Watson
Paul Schaeflein
Russ Basiura
Sandeep Nahta
Shadeed Eleazer
Steve Andrews
Susan Lennon

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SharePoint Saturday – DC

This past weekend, SharePoint Saturday visited the local Northern Virginia region with SharePoint Saturday DC, hosted at the Microsoft Technology Center in Reston, VA. It was a great time with 28 sessions led by SharePoint professionals and MVPs from all around the country. Props to Dux Sy for his coordination of the volunteers and sponsors! Over 200 people attended the event which meant that it was standing room only for some of the sessions.

Joel Ward and I presented on the topic of SmartCard Authentication: Considerations, Options and Pitfalls with SharePoint during the final session of the day.  It was a lively discussion surrounding security, SmartCards, IA, infrastructure, membership providers and how it all fits in with the SharePoint architecture.

View the slides on SlideShare below, or download the PowerPoint files (PPT or PPTX) which includes the slides plus notes and resource links.


SharePoint Saturday – Virginia Beach – FTW!

This morning started off quite early (around 4:30 AM) as Joel Ward and I headed down from Northern Virginia to Virginia Beach to attend the first ever SharePoint Saturday event. The turnout was tremendous, with numbers ranking up somewhere around 180+ individuals from the greater SharePoint community. It was a pretty laid back day, good to meet some of the other “SharePoint Tweeters” in industry and chat about projects.
If you have a chance to attend one of the SharePoint Saturday events in the future, I highly recommend taking advantage of it.
All in all a long but great day. After the event, Joel and I left around 6:30 PM and after a short stop in Fredericksburg at Buffalo Wild Wings, we ventured back to Northern Virginia – home at last.
More to come tomorrow…