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Metamorphosis Complete

Acompli is now Outlook


Apparently when I wrote my blog article a few days ago about Acompli showing up as MS Outlook, I may have stumbled onto the new Outlook app that was released to iOS and Android today. More information on that available here – Office everywhere: More great news for Office on iOS and Android.

There seems to be quite a bit of excitement about the app and no doubt, it’s a great enhancement on what was originally available in the OWA App, but for those of us that have been using Acompli for a while we’ve come to appreciate the capabilities that it provided for. Great acquisition on Microsoft to truly provide an experience that end users will be able to use with ease.

Take a peek at the iOS functionality…

Acompli is no more in the iOS app store…

If you poke around and are wondering where Acompli went, you’re going to find that it’s now named Outlook. And while version 1.7.6 was what was available in the iOS store up until this morning, we’re back to a reset in the version number to 1.0.0. If you’re me, you’ve got both apps operating on your device, at least for the time being until I consolidate Acompli back into Outlook. Of course if you’d already downloaded Acompli you can go to your “Purchased” apps page within iOS and pull it back down… but one would argue as to why one would do that since Outlook is going to be the app that gets updated going forward (I’m guessing…)

If you head over to the Acompli web site you’ll notice that they have received a “promotion” to Outlook 🙂

The functionality of Acompli exceeds that of OWA in that it can handle Exchange,, and a slew of other mail providers – better than the way that the out of the box works some might say. The caveat being that if you’re going to interact with anything through your mobile web browser, unless you jailbreak your device or like cutting and pasting back into mail messages, you’re going to still need the OOTB mail configuration in place for sharing links… that is until Acompli / Outlook has an iOS extension of course to allow for direct sharing like a host of other apps making use of the iOS 8 framework.

From a few friends that are on Android devices, they’ve pulled it down and feel the same way that it’s working quite nicely. Excited to see what’s next.

Well done Microsoft! Your acquisitions are working together quite nicely. 🙂


Acompli starting to morph?

Back on 1 December 2014, it was announced that Microsoft had acquired mobile email and calendaring app Acompli.
To those of us in the tech industry, we noticed Microsoft was picking up an app maker that had been hard at work developing and email and calendaring client on Android and iOS that just “worked”. Several of us have used the native mail apps that come with the mobile devices we have but never seem to be completely satisfied because the service provider is trying to use clever tricks to get to their email store and perform performance enhancements for users that native apps probably won’t get.
The caveat of course being that if you have multiple mail accounts you end up with multiple mail clients. I suppose that’s fine for some films but seems like a lot of work.
That’s where Acompli comes in with its slick interface that for the most part just works.
Acompli has integration with DropBox and OneDrive among others. Oddly though, when you connect to DropBox it sees Acompli as Microsoft Outlook. This begs to ask the question if some code accidentally got left behind.

I’m not sure if this is just a mistake and DropBox is picking up OWA for some reason or if the Acompli app got compiled for some project and the label got left in there. It’s uncertain but “interesting” none the less