Acompli starting to morph?

Back on 1 December 2014, it was announced that Microsoft had acquired mobile email and calendaring app Acompli.
To those of us in the tech industry, we noticed Microsoft was picking up an app maker that had been hard at work developing and email and calendaring client on Android and iOS that just “worked”. Several of us have used the native mail apps that come with the mobile devices we have but never seem to be completely satisfied because the service provider is trying to use clever tricks to get to their email store and perform performance enhancements for users that native apps probably won’t get.
The caveat of course being that if you have multiple mail accounts you end up with multiple mail clients. I suppose that’s fine for some films but seems like a lot of work.
That’s where Acompli comes in with its slick interface that for the most part just works.
Acompli has integration with DropBox and OneDrive among others. Oddly though, when you connect to DropBox it sees Acompli as Microsoft Outlook. This begs to ask the question if some code accidentally got left behind.

I’m not sure if this is just a mistake and DropBox is picking up OWA for some reason or if the Acompli app got compiled for some project and the label got left in there. It’s uncertain but “interesting” none the less

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Microsoft Surface before Google Tablet…

Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet Details Leak in Full Only Days Before I/O?

Who else is willing to bet that part of the reason that Microsoft held their press conference last week (6/18/2012) to show off their Surface tablet to get a little bit of market share before Google has their IO conference this week (6/27-29/2012).

While I realize that Google’s tablet running Android is a bit different in terms of use in the market place in comparison to the Microsoft Surface, I definitely see this as one of the reasons Microsoft rushed to get their tablet information out there before Google could own the limelight.

So what will you be doing? Picking up the Microsoft Surface or Surface Pro when they’re released or perhaps the Google Nexus Tablet or will you just hold out for the iPad 4?