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Indexing follies…

I was reading through Itay Shakury’s blog this evening, specifically his article pertaining to “Copied folders are not indexed bug”.  Definitely an eye opening article pertaining to the fact that when a folder is copied to a new location, it is no longer indexed by the index server without dumping the index and starting a full crawl.

Similarly, I have found that junior admins inadvertently cause indexing follies of sorts doing migrations.  If the junior admin is completing a migration of data through the method of moving a content database from one SharePoint farm to another, there seems to be a high frequency of not defining the indexer for the database in question.  In as such, the content database’s site collections are not indexed and search results continue to return not full results.

Other indexing follies that continue to persist:

Happy Indexing!


Interesting Search Results…

If you’ve ever wondered how the SharePoint Search Crawler crawls, what it’s crawling (whether it be major versions or minor versions or the associated meta data with either), I would highly recommend checking out Bill English’s article "What Does the Crawler Crawl and When?"

For those that are search aficionados, it’s a nice review.  For those that know very little on the topic and are wondering why their search results aren’t operating the way that they may expect them to (or they just don’t know what to expect) a must read.