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OT: Mountain Lion + SkyDrive Error

For those that use Mac OSX with VMWare and other products to perform their day to day SharePoint work – props to you for working a little outside the box.

On a side note, if you decided to upgrade to Mountain Lion quickly after it was released, it appears that you beat Microsoft to the punch of providing a fix for SkyDrive to operate properly. Upon first boot up, you’ll probably get a nice little error message stating that the SkyDrive app can’t authenticate to the KeyChain. Mild issue… actually major issue unless you want to use your favorite HTML5 enabled web browser to grab and drop files back and forth between the desktop instead of through Finder integration.

Nevertheless, there’s a work around that I found after seeing Talbott Crowell post something on Twitter earlier today. In the Microsoft forums, an answer was posted here (shortened for consumption). It effectively says to do the following with the note at the beginning as a temporary work around if you really need SkyDrive before a full up fix is provided:

Thank you for reporting the issue, we are aware of the problem and working to get it fixed ASAP.

For now the only workaround is to change the properties in the SkyDrive’s cached credential item to allow access from all apps:

Launch “Keychain Access” from /Applications/Utilities
Select the login keychain from the list
Locate the “SkyDrive Cached Credential” item and select it
Go to “File/Get Info” (Command + I)
Go to “Access Control” tab
Click to select “Allow all applications to access this item”
Click “Save Changes”
NOTE: The “SkyDrive Cached Credential” item is created after you sign-in for the first time.

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I'm a huge fan of classical music, iced tea, and the sound of the ocean - great way to enjoy life if you ask me.

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