SharePoint Saturday New York City – Worst Practices

What’s that? You live in New York City and you weren’t able to make it out to our session back in February at the New York City SharePoint Users Group when Scott Hoag and I presented on administrative blunders?

Well then you should definitely come and attend SharePoint Saturday New York City… and check out our session on Worst Practices. That’s right, Worst Practices – why would we waste your time telling you the best way to do things when we’ll talk about things you definitely want to steer clear of as there are so many more of them 🙂

Course the caveat is whether or not you’re able to get a ticket or get on the wait list to get a ticket. The event is being put on by a few awesome folks in the SharePoint community… so if you’re in NYC, come on out and check it out.

By Dan

A network engineer that's taken an interest in the SharePoint platform, architecting, designing and implementing collaboration tools to help organizations work a little better and lower the stress levels of employees.

I'm a huge fan of classical music, iced tea, and the sound of the ocean - great way to enjoy life if you ask me.

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