SharePoint Nosh – Filling up on SharePoint for Lunch

So if you’re like, you realize that while there are a ton of resources out there, finding time for them isn’t always the easies thing in the world. What can you do?

Well, everyone needs to eat lunch right? So why not use that time to check out what’s going on in the community and maybe learn a thing or two. But where do I turn? Well, look no further, SharePoint Saturday Boston #3 has a Webinar Series that will be kicking up on 25 October during lunch no less – be fed by SharePoint and by whatever is in front of you (hopefully not SharePoint, unless it’s a tasty and delicious book like that by Todd Klindt, Shane Young and Steve Caravajal – but even that should be consumed via other means).

Enough banter though, onto the details 🙂

Agenda is as follows:
11:45 AM EST – 11:55 AM EST Welcome and Sign-In
11:55 AM EST – 12:00 PM EST Speaker Introduction
12:00 PM EST – 1:00 PM EST Presentation

Below are the list of sessions, dates and times they will be available. Follow the corresponding links below to register for each webinar.





SharePoint Development & Customization: Overcoming Hurdles and Avoiding Pain

Geoff Varosky & Mark Rackley

10/25/10 11:45 AM


Things that should be easy in SharePoint Development

Eugene Rosenfeld

10/29/10 11:45 AM


SharePoint in the Cloud

Matt Lathrop

11/1/10 11:45 AM


The Seven Most Important (Non-Technical) SharePoint Success Factors

Richard Harbridge

11/5/10 11:45 AM


See Beyond The Numbers: Data Visualization in SharePoint 2010

Sadalit Van Buren & Chris McNulty

11/8/10 11:45 AM


Driving end user adoption for SharePoint 2010

Chris Bortlik

11/15/10 11:45 AM


Sandboxed Solutions: Developing High-Powered Solutions with Low-Trust code

Bob German

11/19/10 11:45 AM


Dashboards for SharePoint

Susan Lennon

11/22/10 11:45 AM


SharePoint 2010: Service Applications

Jason Gallicchio

11/29/10 11:45 AM


Governance Best Practices in SharePoint 2010

Scott Jamison

12/3/10 11:45 AM


11 Strategic Considerations for SharePoint Migration

Christian Buckley

12/6/10 11:45 AM


Implementing SharePoint for Enterprise Search: Methodology and Mechanics

Nicholas Bisciotti

12/10/10 11:45 AM


Project, Project Server, and SharePoint 2010: Which to Use When

Brittany Kwait

12/13/10 11:45 AM


Advanced Development on the 2010 Ribbon

Shai Petel

12/17/10 11:45 AM


Assuring Accessibility and Privacy Compliance in SharePoint Sites and Social Computing

Larry Concannon

1/3/2011 11:45 AM


Get more Social with SharePoint

Jeff Willinger

1/10/11 11:45 AM


SharePoint Security: Through the Looking Glass V2

David J Pileggi, Jr.

1/14/11 11:45 AM


Automating SharePoint with PowerShell

Talbott Crowell

1/21/11 11:45 AM


The Best of Both Worlds – Connecting SharePoint to the rest of the Enterprise using BizTalk

Andrew Babiec

1/24/11 11:45 AM


Traversing The Term Store

Russ Edelman

1/28/11 11:45 AM


SURVEY RESULTS: How is your company using SharePoint?

Mark Miller & Derek Weeks

1/31/11 11:45 AM


By Dan

A network engineer that's taken an interest in the SharePoint platform, architecting, designing and implementing collaboration tools to help organizations work a little better and lower the stress levels of employees.

I'm a huge fan of classical music, iced tea, and the sound of the ocean - great way to enjoy life if you ask me.

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