Achieving Work Management Success with SharePoint

So often I seem to find case studies out there that discuss technical problems that have been successfully executed against leveraging SharePoint as a platform, or how to perform specific tasks – there are a slew of awesome blogs out there that are chocked full of information to assist IT Pros, Developer and Architects.  But what about the Business Executives?

There aren’t too many blogs out there that talk about the business applications of SharePoint in terms of case studies, though there are a handful that touch the surface and dive in a particular area.  And there are sessions at conferences now and then that really get into the softer side of SharePoint implementations and the success they’ve achieved – but again they’re far and few between.

Well, if you happen to be in the Washington DC Metro area on 8 October 2010, I’d suggest you check out “Executive Insights: How Three D.C. Organizations Achieved Work Management Success”. It’ll be hosted over at the Ritz Carlton Tyson’s Corner with several great speakers discussing the business value of SharePoint implementations, the approaches and methodologies taken and the return on investment. Featured speakers include Arpan Shah of Microsoft, Marie-Michelle Strah, PhD of Aquilient, Joe Snyder of Video Gaming Technologies, Matthew Fritts, MPH of Samueli Institute, and Bill English of MindSharp.

Definitely an event worth considering as an executive, technology officer, business analyst or decision maker in the SharePoint field.

By Dan

A network engineer that's taken an interest in the SharePoint platform, architecting, designing and implementing collaboration tools to help organizations work a little better and lower the stress levels of employees.

I'm a huge fan of classical music, iced tea, and the sound of the ocean - great way to enjoy life if you ask me.

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