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Operation ShareLove: Support Haiti Earthquake Victims

Courtesy of United Nations Photos on FlickrA little more than a week ago on 12 January 2010, the worst earthquake in nearly 200 years struck less than ten miles from the Caribbean City of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. The severity of the quake was nothing to laugh at as a magnitude 7.0 quake devastated the country. There are some estimations out that approximately 100,000 perished in this event, with approximately a third of the population being displaced from their homes or perished. Think about this – 1/3rd of the country suddenly with no where to go. I’m befuddled by this.

Courtesy of United States Navy Photos on FlickrOver the past week we have all watched international aid pour into the country in hopes of rescuing survivors trapped under the wreckage of buildings as well as to assist those injured and to care for the population as “the basics” are no more. So I know I sit, ponder and ask myself, “What is it that I can do?” By now you’ve probably heard of the SMS code to send cash through your phone to the Red Cross in support of Haiti, but what else is there?

Dux Sy (@meetdux) has established “Operation ShareLove: Haiti” as a fund drive organized to support our global brothers and sisters in Haiti. Not only are you helping out in support of those in dire to continue on living, but apparently you can benefit as well.

For more details on how to participate in Operation ShareLove, I strongly urge you to check out the Op SL page at

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