SharePoint Worst Practices @ SPTechCon [TEASER]

What’s that? You’re thinking about attending SPTechCon in Boston this year? You’ve got a couple days left to save a little extra money… but, irregardless of how much you save, you’ll gain great insight into some of the worst problems you can run into using the SharePoint platform… but what’s more is that you’ll learn more some of the things that you probably should do to correct poor usage of SharePoint. So if you’re around on Wednesday afternoon at SPTechCon, swing on by and check out our session.


Pitfalls of Migration @ SPTechCon [TEASER]

For those of you that have the ability to make the trek to the SharePoint Technology Conference (aka SPTechCon) later this month, you’re in for a treat for the session “Pitfalls of Migration”. Definitely something to check out if you’re looking for some tried and true knowledge along with wit and humour from two SharePoint Engineers (myself and Scott Hoag.

And if you act now, you can save yourself $500 if you register THIS WEEK (ends July 13) if you use the code USHERRegistration.

So if you’re looking for a session to attend on Tuesday morning from 830-945AM, come join us 😀 And for a quick preview…


SPTechCon Session Teaser

So a few days ago, Scott Hoag and I got together to finish up working on prepping our slides and presentation materials for the SharePoint Technology Conference in Boston, Massachusetts and figured we’d share a little teaser about our sessions.

Tune in for a treat 😀

Community Conference

SharePoint Technology Conference – Boston 2012

For anyone that’s interested in saving a little cash and going to a great conference in Boston, you’ll be happy to know that myself and Scott Hoag will be taking our show on the road to the SharePoint Technology Conference this July in Boston. We’re excited to be a part of the event and will be teaching a half day workshop for new IT Pros and Administrators as well as two sessions that we’ve been revamping and tuning content for this conference based on feedback from other user groups, conferences and such – it’s kinda like the Million Dollar Man, we’ve been building something that will rock your socks off… but unfortunately we’ve been informed that the light show and disco ball won’t be able to be rigged in time.

Being a part of this conference is exciting for me for a couple reasons – one being that I’m honored to come back to speak at this conference. I was a speaker at the June 2009 event in Boston – a great experience and privilege to be a part of the event. This time around I’m stoked to be back co-presenting with my friend Scott Hoag who I met in October 2010 and have been working on different IT Pro and Architecture experiments in our free time when not SharePointing or watching AMC’s TWD. If you’re up for some dry humour, witty comments and rockin’ information I think you’ll enjoy our sessions.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in getting an extra $200 off of the conference admission fee (on top of other early bird discounts) be sure to use the code USHER in your registration and save a little cache, errr cash that is :).

I’m looking forward to a fantastic week in Boston, seeing friends from the community and meeting new folks too! Come find me and introduce yourselves!


Next stop, Boston – SPTechCon Summer 2009

Working backwards a little bit before pressing forward, next trip on presentation lane…

After spending a few days back in the office attending to pending client tasks, it was off to Boston, hoping on Amtrak’s Acela Express to Boston’s South Station with my laptop in tow, reviewing slides and working through a few different new anecdotes for the presentation the next day.

The conference was a great time to hang out and enjoy the company of other brains in the SharePoint community to include Todd Klindt and Mike Watson.  My session went well and was well attended.  After the conference we decided to check out downtown Boston’s Union House – unfortunately it was a little crowded.  So our group of Dux Sy,Fabian WilliamsMike TaylorEric KrausDarrin BishopMaurice Prather wound up down the street at a local Irish Pub to share our thoughts on the conference and different areas of SharePoint that we currently were working with and some of the challenges and opportunities we’d recently engaged in.  Great time to say the least!

My deck from the presentation is available at: