SharePoint Saturday Charlotte – Recap

So I figure that a month has passed and I owe a bit of a recapitulation of yet another speaking event that I had an opportunity to be a part of. First off, I must give credit to the team that put on the event, led up by Dan Lewis – well done!

4890_97635493105_521328105_2210270_7126257_n For me, it was a great kick off to spending the week on the road, speaking in Boston, MA and Reston, VA thereafter.  While I was not able to make it to the speaker’s dinner due to unforeseen conflicts, I was stoked to spend the better part of Saturday and Sunday morning with the speakers that included a stellar bunch of folks.  I hadn’t met several of the speakers in person, but knew of them through their blogs and Twitter.

I presented on a topic near and dear to my heart dealing with logical architectures and the considerations that come into play when planning for and then implementing such a system.  The session went off without a hitch and the largest crowd I’ve had as well.

My slides for the event are available here:  PowerPoint 2007 format.