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SPDiag v1 – First Impressions

So as a follow up to mentioning of the tool, my first impressions to the SPDiag tool are essentially – holy guacamole, this is awesome!  It’s nothing super flashy, though you can download the .net 3.5 Microsoft Charts plugin to provide for additionally graphical views of information.  It sports the plain jane simple minimalistic UI that we’ve become accustomed to as infrastructure engineers, but hey, it’s the content that counts!


The tool is fairly simple to setup and out of the box requires very little configuration, though if you’re interested in configuring it to meet a specific case where specific traffic is being filtered or merged, the configuration guide is available at:

The more interesting information from my perspective that provides for quick and simple analysis of a farm are the solutions and timer job definitions information that can quickly be glanced at.


Lastly though, this tool also brings together trends that show up in the monitoring metrics with a little bit of graphing capability using the aforementioned .net 3.5 Microsoft Charts plugin.  Granted, what you see below isn’t all that interesting, but that’s also because there’s not much configured or utilized in this dev farm…yet.


Props to the SharePoint Product Team for developing this tool as a part of the upgraded toolkit suite!  Stay tuned in for future updates and to see some pretty data streaming through the Trends section.

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Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit v3 Available

For those of you that read the recent article pertaining to the SharePoint Diagnostics v1 tool for SharePoint 2007 and were slightly confused and left wondering where it was buried in the v2 release of the toolkit, Microsoft has answered the question.

Downloads available at:

Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit v3.0 x86

Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit v3.0 x64

“The SharePoint diagnostics tool provides administrators with a unified interface for troubleshooting SharePoint Server performance issues…”

To read the documentation available…

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