SharePoint Meetup – 4.4.2009 – Wrap-up

The SharePoint Meetup on Saturday, 4 April 2009 at La Madeline’s in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia went very well, with a diverse crowd of SharePoint professionals from the community coming out to discuss certifications, training and career paths.  Additionally it was great to meet other individuals and hear about some of the training that they’ve taken, what they liked, what they didn’t like and what they’re looking to pursue in the future.

I’ll be putting together a short presentation deck on this topic for anyone that’s curious as to what’s certifications are available, best tips for training and what to consider for if you’re looking to go down a particular career path or another.

Next Meetup will be on 2 May 2009 at the SharePoint Saturday DC event at the Reston MTC in Virginia.