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Office 365 Dedicated – SLAs and SDs updated…

Microsoft has published an update for their Office 365 Dedicated Service Level Agreements and Service Descriptions. If you’re not working with an Office 365 Dedicated client, but are instead working with an OnPremise deployment these documents provide a great starting point when defining your O&M strategy as well as helping to define processes and service level agreements.

For instance, the Custom Solutions Developers Guide for Office 365 Dedicated provides an outline that can be used for onPremise deployments in terms of areas that need to be considered for developers to operate within. That’s not to say that there isn’t greater flexibility in developing full trust farm solutions for your SharePoint implementation, but it is to say that Microsoft has invested significant cycles to put together this guide among other documentation that helps to think through the entire process.

If your client is however looking to go to Office 365 Dedicated – definitely need to become familiar with the information housed within this set of documents available here:
Microsoft Office 365 Service Descriptions and Service Level Agreements for Dedicated Subscription Plans