Office 365 Home Device Limits…

In case you missed it, Jared Spataro recently announced that the Office 365 Home and Personal subscriptions will no longer have install limits on devices as of October 2, 2018.  A caveat to this is that you can only be logged into five devices at a time.  In the past it was 10 devices in total (across five users for the home plan, or two installs for the personal account).

Additionally, Office 365 Home is upping the number of seats from 5 to 6.  While that may seem pretty insignificant, that’s an additional license to software essentially as well as the services that come along with it and a terabyte of storage on OneDrive.

More about this can be read yonder on the Microsoft Technical Community here:

Office 365 Customers to receive Unlimited OneDrive Storage

So this was rather unexpected… or perhaps I just hadn’t read the writing on the wall as Microsoft takes a cue from competitors to up their cloud storage offering. Starting with Home, Personal and Education Office 365 accounts, Microsoft will be offering unlimited storage for OneDrive for Office 365 customers.

It would seem that this will be starting out with consumer OneDrive accounts – based on the announcement, it’ll eventually be there for OneDrive for Business users (maybe?), or so it hints at in the blog post by the OneDrive team.

More details available from the OneDrive blog here:

So if you’re a Google, DropBox, Amazon, or Apple user and you’re looking to cut costs, maybe this is the time to go out and pick up an Office 365 Personal or Home subscription key card from Yes, I realize it’s not instantaneous gratification and requires you to wait a few days for the card to arrive, but it saves a little cash that you can use toward that Surface Pro 3 that you were going to buy, right? 🙂