Office 365

Office 365 Cmdlets

Much of the documentation out there for Microsoft Office 365 (books, blog articles, etc.) still seem to reference “Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows PowerShell”. If you try to go to this page to pull down such cmdlets, you’re going to be a little let down. They’ve been pushed into the Azure AD Cmdlets to allow for Exchange online operations that you might have to work on.

So save yourself a little time and head over to Manage Windows Azure AD using Windows PowerShell and click on the links below:

One of the caveats, outside of requiring the Microsoft Windows .NET 3.5.1 framework in place, you’ll get a nice pop up that states you need to install the Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant. If you go out and use your DuckDuckGo, Google or Bing, you’ll notice that you’re directed to a release that came out in 2012. You’re actually looking for the Beta version (which is in the Manage Windows Azure AD using Windows PowerShell article) which is available here:

Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant Beta