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The continual movement of time is like a pendulum, swinging gently back and forth, marking time at equal intervals. From some angles, the pendulum seems to stop as it hangs and then speeds up nearly, but it continues to move constantly. The passage of time is effervescent as the perspective changes as we move forward in life.

We only have a particular amount of time during the day to live, work, and rest. During the hours within which we work, a lot can occur, requiring re-prioritization of our time to meet the needs of who we are working on a task. Keeping track of that time can be difficult; planning that time and aligning to objectives even more.

At least for me, I’ve worked to adopt a few different solutions. For time tracking, I use a little app on my laptop that tracks time against whichever category I start the clock running. It’s primitive, but I’ve yet to find a solution that tracks time and understands the work’s intent. This inability to determine intent is especially true when it requires me to use skills or talents that are me drawing on a piece of paper or tablet to convey an idea, process, or basis for an architecture.

When it comes to my work calendar, I’m still working to determine best ways to manage this. I look through Viva Insights for, well, insights. I try to make use of Findtime and Calendar Availability for scheduling meetings. I strive to have blocks of working time. And yet, work still continues to progress forward in a positive motion. It can be tricky at times, especially in the ability to protect my time.

Many different companies provide tools to help in managing your time – I’m looking for one that will act as an assistant to literally protect time. Maybe that’s more a methodology or a practice, and I’m interested to learn from others; care to share yours?