SPSEvents – Virginia Beach 2014

Well, it’s 2014 and you all know what that means… SPSEvents presents SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach at the Tidewater Community College ATC. This was the sixth year for the event and the community was great! It’s been interesting to have attended several of the SPSVB events over the years and see them continue to refine, get better, introduce new speakers and also to see the community continue to develop.

As for me, it was a great time to bump into the likes of Adam Levithan, Fabian Williams, Patrick Curran, David Berry, Tasha Scott, Susan Lennon, Becky Isserman, Christian Buckley, Joel Oleson, Erin Glenn, Stephen Heister and Benjamin Niaulin.

I presented two sessions at the event in the afternoon. One on the topic of “Getting Started with Office 365.” It’s a quick overview of licensing, some of the plan information, what all’s included with Office 365 and some tips and tricks to consider while making a decision about how you’re going to approach it. Slides are available from Slide Share here:

SharePoint Saturday Events – Getting Started with Office 365 from Dan Usher

Additionally, I spoke on the topic of one of the more dear topics that I deal with on a regular basis – “Authentication, Authorization and Identity – it’s more than meets the eye.” This topic covers the core background of AuthN, AuthZ and ID and provides advice on things to consider when planning out your environment. The slides for this session are available here:

SharePoint Saturday Events – Authentication, Authorization and Identity – More Than Meets the eye from Dan Usher

Thanks to all that were able to attend – you all make these events incredibly worthwhile to speakers looking to share knowledge.


SharePoint Saturday Baltimore – 25 July 2009

Yet another SharePoint Saturday Event has come and gone, this time in Baltimore, MD at the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s Technology Incubator on 25 July 2009. The event was sponsored by a plethora of different groups which if mentioned could entail an entire blog post, with a team led up by a core group of Baltimore SharePoint User Group leadership it was an event to remember with speakers coming in from across the country. The weekend started off in the Inner Harbor at the Speaker’s dinner at the Meli Patisserie and Bistro followed by an evening out about, exploring the inner harbor in the pouring rain. I decided that my best option was to hit up dinner and then make my way back to Arundel Mills to rest of and polish up slides for the talk I was giving on Saturday afternoon. The dinner was terrific and it was great to see Joel Oleson, Mike Watson, Geoff Varosky, Paul Schaeflein, Dux Sy, Cathy Dew, Susan Lennon, Dan Lewis, Eric Harlan, Shadeed Eleazer, Linc Williams, Ken Lo, Mark Miller, and last but definitely not least Michael Noel.
Saturday went off without a hitch with the presentations well received and probably the largest group I’ve seen stay through the entire day for the Saturday evening wrap-up.
Post SharePoint Saturday Wrapup, it was off to Ruby Tuesday’s where the power went out due to some torrential downpours, so SharePint was effectively delayed.
All in all a great event and I’m excited to see the momentum pickup with the SharePoint Saturday events – a big thank you to the planning committee!

If you’re looking for my slide deck, feel free to download it in PowerPoint 2007 format, or to view it through