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Azure Preview Services

If you’re using Azure in either a PaaS or IaaS capacity, you’ve probably come to realize that there’s quite a bit of opportunity to use the platform to meet requirements that you might have for your client engagements or internal organization needs.

Keeping up to date on the platform can be difficult though – especially if you’re also the SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, CRM, or Windows Server administrator. Further being forward learning and understanding what’s coming down the pipeline is something that most of us wish we could keep a better pulse on.

Microsoft has service information available within the Azure marketing pages available here:

Azure Preview Services

This set of pages is kept up to date on a regular basis to announce new capabilities that are in “preview” capacity, meaning that they’re not quite ready for general availability, but they’re available to begin testing and integrating them into solutions.

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Office 365 Development Resource

Are you an Office 365 Developer?

Do you feel like you’re not getting the information that you need?

Have you stumbled across the Patterns and Practices site?

Act now!!! – the home of the Office 365 Developer content that includes both Patterns and Practices information, MSDN information and training content.

If you’re not familiar with Github it’s slowly but surely becoming the de facto location for code storage as well as information sharing for technical documentation.

Check it out when you get a chance, it’s low cal and high in technical fiber. Note that some fees may apply depending on your technology carrier when it comes to data – most broadband connections in the US are free, but if you’re in Australia on ADSL, it might just take a while to clone all the content.

Happy reading!

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Microsoft Outlook for Mac for Office 365 Update

Extra! Extra!

There’s an update available for the Microsoft Outlook for Mac for Office 365 update that might be of interest to individuals out there that are using the updated Outlook application on their Mac operating system device. All the details packaged up for you here –

This update will take you to version 15.6 of Outlook for Mac and weighs in at a hefty 288.8 MB

Information and what all this update does for you is available here:

You can get the update by either using the Auto-Update utility or by downloading the DMG patch here –

Hope this improves your Outlook, no pun intended… maybe 🙂