Certification Training

Ahhh yes… E=MCt

After much chagrin and fun, I finally went ahead and completed the process to attain the title of “Microsoft Certified Trainer.” I can’t say that I feel all that different, but my students were ecstatic as can be seen here Winking smile.

If there’s anything to be said in attaining the professional certification, I’d definitely say that it’s the opportunities it opens up, the networking that it provides as well as the formalization of knowledge. Further, from what I’ve seen the MCT family is a fun one with some very smart and knowledgeable folks like Shannon Bray, Enrique Lima, and Becky Isserman to name a few.

So what does this mean? A few opportunities open up to participate in more events as well as to take on some new adventures through differing roles that hopefully allow me to do more technically inclined training that without the certification, well I’ll be honest, seems a little awkward without the professional credential. I won’t deny that there are trainers out there that are fantastic trainers that haven’t gone through the MCT process (conversely I can also argue that I’m sure that there are MCTs with room to improve). Bottom line, trainers aren’t perfect, we all have room for improvement – remember those feedback forms in those sessions and classes you attend – fill them out, we want the feedback to help us to continually improve. Anyway, for me I look forward to the fun that this community has as a part of it and who knows, perhaps you’re reading this blog article in the back of my class right now Winking smile


Leaving your mark…

Leaving a legacy is the thing that I think so many people miss. Most folks think that you need money to leave a legacy so that folks will notice. I say that if your actions are such that of a servant leading others, then your legacy will be all the more true.

Think about your actions, consider your priorities, live your passion.