Office 2010 Cumulative Update…

If you’ve been on the road heading to Washington DC for the past few days to participate in the Rally to Keep Fear Alive or perhaps to Restore Sanity prior to running the Marine Corps Marathon, then perhaps you may have missed this little bit of info…

That’s right, Microsoft has released yet another group of Cumulative Updates for Office products (both client and server).

For a complete breakdown, head on over to the KB article for more info and download links:

KB Article 2449183 – Office 2010 Cumulate Update for October 2010

Adoption Best Practices

I just wish someone would adopt me…

Have you spent hours upon hours building the Mecca of SharePoint 2010 deployments? Honing and refining the BCS code that ties into your sales backend system to pull data across the wire that allows your business users to leverage PowerPivot to rotate their data around and find out things about their sales and marketing efforts? User adoption rates are soaring and you find yourself with brown bag sessions led by power users that are redefining the way you do work because of the SharePoint platform. You have? Well friends that’s amazing considering the product has only been RTM’d for about six months now 🙂

Seriously all kidding aside though, it seems more and more often, the technology departments of organizations see SharePoint 2010 and they see it as a godsend. Expeditiously they create a task force and press forth upon performing data calls, developing requirements and formulating the technical business case for a SharePoint system only. Before you know it you’ve got servers arriving on palettes to supplement your VMWare Hosting Center that you’ve slowly been building out, Software licenses pouring in and integrators salivating to begin implementing solutions to solve business users problems.

Wait, did someone say business user? I thought that the technology group just had its own purposes in mind when they were developing this solution. Yikes, end user 0, technology user 1.

It’s common habit for techies to fall in love with a software product or platform and forget that unlike the rest of the organization their feelings toward it may be a little different than those of the average user. Further while there definitely may be a need for SharePoint 2010, more often than not, the end user’s requirements get lost somewhere along the way or generalized. So the system gets built, the interface refined, and the door hangers to announce the system going live are printed and hung, but the end users are a little perplexed how to use this system or what it’s there for.

So how do we fix that? How do we as techies turn around and develop a solution that’s worthwhile to the end user, helping augment their already busy and stressful schedules with a real tool suite that enhances their productivity? Easy, we work on adoption strategies.

Okay, so that was a lot easier said than done. 🙂

Fear not though, Scott Jamison and Susan Hanley have partnered up to produce a fantastic whitepaper entitled “SharePoint 2010 Adoption Best Practices”. It’s available through the ‘Soft’s Download Center at:

Definitely worth the time to read and refine your business approach for adoption of SharePoint 2010. It’s more than just the technology that will truly show the value of the platform by enabling the users to develop solutions that will enhance their work life quality. As you’ll come to find, the technology, while powerful becomes indispensible once the end user is empowered.

Identity Management

I’ll take a Claim to that…the SQL…

So you’re thinking that you might be interested in going down the path of Claims Authentication with SharePoint 2010 – I mean, it’s hip and new and a fun thing to do right?

In reality there are a lot of great things about claims and doors that it opens for federating with other applications around throughout the web that could not otherwise be done.

If you’re interested in Claims, definitely recommend Microsoft’s book – “A Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control”.

But let’s say you’re already going down the path of Claims, but you’re done with Active Directory, and looking to just use SQL server? Not a problem, Microsoft has a handy document to help walk you through the configuration and setup titled, “Claims Walkthrough: Creating Forms-Based Authentication for Claims-Based Web Applications Using ASP.NET SQL Membership and Role Providers”.

Definitely a handy guide to digging deep into how to configure SQL for CBA and developing your solution to meet your needs.


SharePoint Nosh – Filling up on SharePoint for Lunch

So if you’re like, you realize that while there are a ton of resources out there, finding time for them isn’t always the easies thing in the world. What can you do?

Well, everyone needs to eat lunch right? So why not use that time to check out what’s going on in the community and maybe learn a thing or two. But where do I turn? Well, look no further, SharePoint Saturday Boston #3 has a Webinar Series that will be kicking up on 25 October during lunch no less – be fed by SharePoint and by whatever is in front of you (hopefully not SharePoint, unless it’s a tasty and delicious book like that by Todd Klindt, Shane Young and Steve Caravajal – but even that should be consumed via other means).

Enough banter though, onto the details 🙂

Agenda is as follows:
11:45 AM EST – 11:55 AM EST Welcome and Sign-In
11:55 AM EST – 12:00 PM EST Speaker Introduction
12:00 PM EST – 1:00 PM EST Presentation

Below are the list of sessions, dates and times they will be available. Follow the corresponding links below to register for each webinar.





SharePoint Development & Customization: Overcoming Hurdles and Avoiding Pain

Geoff Varosky & Mark Rackley

10/25/10 11:45 AM


Things that should be easy in SharePoint Development

Eugene Rosenfeld

10/29/10 11:45 AM


SharePoint in the Cloud

Matt Lathrop

11/1/10 11:45 AM


The Seven Most Important (Non-Technical) SharePoint Success Factors

Richard Harbridge

11/5/10 11:45 AM


See Beyond The Numbers: Data Visualization in SharePoint 2010

Sadalit Van Buren & Chris McNulty

11/8/10 11:45 AM


Driving end user adoption for SharePoint 2010

Chris Bortlik

11/15/10 11:45 AM


Sandboxed Solutions: Developing High-Powered Solutions with Low-Trust code

Bob German

11/19/10 11:45 AM


Dashboards for SharePoint

Susan Lennon

11/22/10 11:45 AM


SharePoint 2010: Service Applications

Jason Gallicchio

11/29/10 11:45 AM


Governance Best Practices in SharePoint 2010

Scott Jamison

12/3/10 11:45 AM


11 Strategic Considerations for SharePoint Migration

Christian Buckley

12/6/10 11:45 AM


Implementing SharePoint for Enterprise Search: Methodology and Mechanics

Nicholas Bisciotti

12/10/10 11:45 AM


Project, Project Server, and SharePoint 2010: Which to Use When

Brittany Kwait

12/13/10 11:45 AM


Advanced Development on the 2010 Ribbon

Shai Petel

12/17/10 11:45 AM


Assuring Accessibility and Privacy Compliance in SharePoint Sites and Social Computing

Larry Concannon

1/3/2011 11:45 AM


Get more Social with SharePoint

Jeff Willinger

1/10/11 11:45 AM


SharePoint Security: Through the Looking Glass V2

David J Pileggi, Jr.

1/14/11 11:45 AM


Automating SharePoint with PowerShell

Talbott Crowell

1/21/11 11:45 AM


The Best of Both Worlds – Connecting SharePoint to the rest of the Enterprise using BizTalk

Andrew Babiec

1/24/11 11:45 AM


Traversing The Term Store

Russ Edelman

1/28/11 11:45 AM


SURVEY RESULTS: How is your company using SharePoint?

Mark Miller & Derek Weeks

1/31/11 11:45 AM



Feeling out of the loop…

Have noticed that with SharePoint 2010 there’s just a ton of content?

It’s similar to when SharePoint 2007 arrived, there wasn’t a ton of information on TechNet/MSDN, but the blogs were fired up and content was disseminating at a pace that could be kept up with to some extent.

With the new platform, and with Microsoft pushing an incredible amount of content out there prior to RTM, it seems as though there’s an avalanche of information and finding it and digesting it isn’t always the easiest thing to do. You could almost say that you’re getting indigestion from a little too much consumption (yes, I’m referring to brain overload).

So how do you handle it? How do you digest it in more palatable chunks?

Well, there are a couple of ways… Google Reader comes in handy for reading blogs, but for Microsoft content, I’d recommend the following for IT Pros:

SharePoint 2010 Downloadable Content:

SharePoint 2010 Newly Published / Updated Content:

If you want to get really clever, point Google Reader at the SharePoint 2010 Downloadable Content to have it show up in your information thread in your feeds.


PrereqInstaller Windows Script Host error? Say What?

Yes, that’s correct, if you’ve decided that you’re going to build out your SharePoint environment in an Internet disconnected environment, or on an island as I prefer to call it… be sure that your environment isn’t locked down such that you can’t even run the prereqinstaller to configure your server application roles.

So you say that you are getting an error and you’re in an Internet disconnected environment?  First, check to see if you forgot to install a component, or if you’re crafty and strung together your prereqinstaller with a script to install everything for you check to make sure there’s not a typo.

Not that? Open the log file and check to see if you see a line in there stating that Windows Script Host is disabled.  If it is, not too hard to fix… just wander over to your friendly TechNet article about Windows Script Host at:

The value for “Enabled” in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindows Script HostSettingsEnabled is probably set to “0”, flip it to “1” to enable WSH, run the PrereqInstaller which has scripts for configuration and then flip it back to “0”.

Note that Windows Script Host is not required for installing the actual SharePoint bits, just to run the scripts to setup your server roles properly.

Enjoy your island environment 🙂