Predictions for SPC 2009

For some reason people like predictions as to what “could” happen at a conference or event. It seems that whenever there’s an Apple developer’s conference there’s a new or refined product released causing a mad rush to Apple stores. For conferences like VMWare’s VMWorld, there typically isn’t a mad dash to MicroCenter to pick up a new copy of Workstation or ESX, and likewise, with Microsoft release event, there might be a growing buzz to pick up something like Windows 7, but there hasn’t been this amount of buzz since the unveiling of the Apple iPhone 3GS at the Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC).

That’s right, there’s a buzz in Vegas about the next iteration of the Microsoft Products and Technologies platform, SharePoint Server 2010.  Back in April of this year, Tom Rizzo, the Sr. Director of the SharePoint product group announced that Microsoft SharePoint “14” is SharePoint 2010.  There has been significant build up of speculation as to what SharePoint 2010 would provide for and how it would change.  The product group provided a little insight with the preliminary system requirements on their blog as well as announcements of the technical preview and a sneak peek of capabilities.  At the Best Practices Conference in August 2009, Arpan Shah provided the keynote address and demonstrated some capabilities that whet the appetite for several attendees for SP2010.

So similar to The Unofficial predictions that the Cult of Mac and other Mac followings tend to make before a conference or event, I’ve assembled a few different predictions from the SharePoint community regarding what they perceive will occur at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009.

Please remember that these are predictions and speculations and do not have any actual verity.

First speculation from the king of SharePint, Andrew Woodward mentioned that he thinks there will be beer. I can only assume with over 190 RSVP’s through Andrew Connell’s web site for SharePint that the beer will flow and loosen the grey matter to allow for better penetration of information.  I would say that things are looking good for this prediction 🙂

Duet on Stage
Other speculations point to there being a good chance of Huey Lewis and Steve Ballmer singing a duet together on stage to get the concert started right. This one isn’t looking very probable.

The Hangover
Chances are good that there will be a few “Hangover” like experiences and stories circulating about conference attendees stealing a police cruiser and Mike Tyson’s Tiger. Again, probable, but hopefully no one ends up roasted on a roof.

Cowboy Hats
The SharePoint Hillbilly (Mark Rackley) thinks that there’s a good chance of other attendees attempting to take Eric Shupp‘s cowboy hat, in which a fist fight may ensue.  Highly probable, messing with the SharePoint Cowboy’s hat is a criminal offense in Texas and recognized by the other 49 states of the United States.

#ShareEvents to Attend
There will be a slew of #ShareEvents to include #ShareSushi, #ShareCanyon, #ShareCab, #ShareFood, #ShareJump with the likes of with Paul Swider, Dux Sy, Clayton Cobb, Mark Rackley, Marcy Kellar, Steven Fowler and others.  Extremely probable, in fact you can sight up for these events. For more info on #ShareEvents:

#ShareEvents to Avoid
Apparently most attendees are seeking to avoid #ShareFlu as aptly termed by Dan Lewis.  Probability on this one is pretty high, most folks probably aren’t going to Vegas to pick something up that will make them miserable.

Flash Mob
The SharePoint Community that participates in SharePoint Saturday, SharePoint Code Camps, MOSS Camps, SPTechCon, SharePoint Best Practices and other assorted events will Flash Mob several different venues with groups of 200 or more as aptly noted by Mr. End User SharePoint, Mark Miller.

The community of MVPs, SharePoint Professionals and users will come even closer together, making new friendships and renewing old.

Morning sessions won’t have quite the attendance of those sessions that are later in the day (come on, it’s Vegas…).

Best. Product. Ever
SharePoint 2010 will be released in November 2009, it will be the greatest software product ever and it will be free for all.  Pure speculation, but wouldn’t it be grand if that were the case?

Social Networking
There’s a good chance that Twitter will see #SPC09 and #SPCON09 hash tag topics start showing up in the “Trends” section of Twitter.

Wireless at SPC09
During the Key Note, there’s speculation that the wireless will fail out completely, similar to what happens to Twitter every so often with the Fail Whale ( Hopefully the CommNet infrastructure is flexible there at the conference venue to support the 7,000 attendees.

Updates from the Community

  • There is speculation from Joy Earles that there will be “at least 2 arrests, 1 sprained ankle, one male misidentified as female, & lots o’ stuff learned about SharePoint”!  While I don’t condone activities that will have folks getting arrested, I can definitely see with such a large conference there are possibilities.

That’s all of the initial speculation, I’m sure that there will be more as the hours tick down til the event.  Check back for updates as more predictions come in 🙂


SharePoint Saturday Richmond

Live in the greater Richmond metropolitan area? Looking for some great SharePoint information in a low key setting where you can easily interact with the Pros? Then check out SharePoint Saturday Richmond, a grass roots event with excellent speakers to boot.
If you’re free on 21 November, head on over for SPS Richmond. Registration opens up at 10 AM on 14 October 2009 –

For more information about the event, check out


VMWare Fusion 3.0 – Coming Soon

Similar to several other applications, with the introduction of Snow Leopard (Mac OSX 10.6) it’s all about optimization of processor cycles using the 64 bit architecture of the underlying Darwin platform.
With this upgrade it several software vendors are working expeditiously to release upgraded applications that better leverage memory and the platform.
For virtualization on the Mac, there are a few different solutions, my personal choice is VMWare Fusion which allows for the operation of virtual machines built with other VMware tools such as Workstation.
With the next iteration of the VMWare Fusion software, Windows 7 will be supported as a host operating system. More information?
On a side note, if you’re looking to use Windows Server 2008 x64 R2 and you’re still running VMware Fusion 2, Fusion will not be able to recognize your VM. Simply tell it that you’re running Windows Server 2008 x64 and your machine will boot up, ready for usage.

Conference Networking

ShareClave 2010 Unconference

Not going to the SharePoint Conference 2009 in Vegas due to circumstances beyond your control? Live in the Northern Virginia area? Want to know more about SharePoint 2010? Check out ShareClave, the 2010 Unconference on 24 October in Reston, VA at the Microsoft Technology Center.

The agenda is a hybrid conference / unconference schedule. The first half of the day will be structured with a few presentations from professionals in the SharePoint community that have been working with SharePoint 2010 for a while now. The latter half of the day will be unconference style where breakout groups form and go through different topics a little more indepth.

To register go here quick: