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Upcoming Speaking Engagements in June 2009

…that I know of 🙂

USHER_speaker_badgeSo I’m hitting the road on June 19 for SharePoint Saturday Charlotte which is on the 20th.  From there it’s off to Boston for the SharePoint Technology Conference which runs from the 22-24 June.  I speak on the 24th in the afternoon.  If you’re wondering where I’m at after that, head on back to Reston, VA for the Regional SharePoint Users Group which runs from 26-27 June.  Hoping to meet a bunch of folks from Twitter as well as to see others from the community – it’s been too long.

SharePoint Saturday Charlotte – 20 June, 2009 –

SharePoint Technology Conference – 22-24 June, 2009 –

Regional SharePoint Users Group Conference – 26-27 June, 2009 –

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Baltimore SharePoint User's Group – 21 May 2009

This past Thursday, I drove up to the Baltimore SharePoint User’s Group to present on the topic of “Designing Logical Architectures and Site Taxonomies.” It was a decent drive up the BW Parkway from Northern Virginia, chatting with Eric Harlan and a few others on the way up – apparently there were folks heading for the beach already on Thursday afternoon for the Memorial Day weekend, so the drive lasted a little longer than anticipated (about 2 hours).

The presentation was well received by the group as well as lively with questions. Eric Harlan, Shadeed Eleazer and I headed off to the Bone Fish Grill afterward to chat about life, SharePoint and SharePoint Saturday Baltimore (25 July 2009).

Overall, a successful trip up to Baltimore!

The slides from the presentation are available here in

Please note that the slides are constantly being refined with each presentation – feedback is always greatly appreciated 🙂

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AAM – The Bain of search problems…

Alternate Access Mappings

Recently, I rain into an issue where WSS v3 search results weren’t working properly. It ended up being a pretty simple fix in that the web application authentication setup (basic versus integrated windows authentication) with the alternate access mappings weren’t configured properly.  After a little bit of modification to the settings, wallah, things worked magnificently.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with AAM, definitely a topic that you should be familiar with to ensure that you architect your solutions properly in the first place so that search problems, among others don’t come back to bite you or your developers in the long run.

Configuring AAM (TechNet) –
Planning AAM (TechNet) –
AAM in SP (21Apps) –
Using AAM (To the SharePoint) –
What every Admin needs to know about AAM (SP Blog) –
Advanced Admin Architecture, Deployment, Operations (TechEd 08) –


Getting in the SharePoint biz…

and dot net

In today’s world of exploding growth in the SharePoint market space where folks are using the platform for all sorts of different things, it’s been somewhat comical to see business folks try to pick up the SharePoint lingo to “get in the game.”  It’s also been somewhat comical to see the above situations occur 🙂

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Twitter Spam…

So for those of you that don’t know, on a regular basis I get “tweet spam” from individuals on Twitter, that for some reason think that I’m “Usher” (Usher Raymond IV).  So today, sure enough, more twitter spam.  Always fun to see folks want me to give up the name that is rightfully mine. 🙂


The joys of tweetspam 🙂


Configuration Management and SP2


For those of you considering implementing service pack 2 on your SharePoint servers, remember to test out the upgrade packages on your development and staging environments prior to deployment on your production system.  For links to the downloads and instructions, check out the SharePoint Product Team blog entry at

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SharePoint Saturday – DC

This past weekend, SharePoint Saturday visited the local Northern Virginia region with SharePoint Saturday DC, hosted at the Microsoft Technology Center in Reston, VA. It was a great time with 28 sessions led by SharePoint professionals and MVPs from all around the country. Props to Dux Sy for his coordination of the volunteers and sponsors! Over 200 people attended the event which meant that it was standing room only for some of the sessions.

Joel Ward and I presented on the topic of SmartCard Authentication: Considerations, Options and Pitfalls with SharePoint during the final session of the day.  It was a lively discussion surrounding security, SmartCards, IA, infrastructure, membership providers and how it all fits in with the SharePoint architecture.

View the slides on SlideShare below, or download the PowerPoint files (PPT or PPTX) which includes the slides plus notes and resource links.


Documentation gone awry…

Have you ever had those moments where someone asks about the documentation you wrote a while ago…