VMWare ESX 3.5i – Lenovo T61

BLUF – Attempted to load VMWare ESX 3.5i on a Lenovo T61. Failed to find device to write to in either AHCI or SATA Compatibility modes when attempting to use VMWare ESX Thin Installer.

So you’re not familiar with “BLUF”? Bottom Line Up Front…

Nonetheless, decided to attempt to pop in a spare 100 GB Seagate Momentus 7200 SATA hard drive into my Lenovo T61 Core 2 Duo laptop and attempt installation of the newly free VMWare ESX 3.5i software. Burned a copy of VMWare ESX 3.5i onto a CD and went from there, watching the ThinStaller make its way through the hardware compatibility list only to stop when it didn’t find the appropriate SCSI interface to load VMWare onto.

So lesson of the day – make sure that youv’e got a SCSI interface to allow VMWare ESX to continue its installation on your laptop if you’re hoping to use it as such. Good luck on finding a laptop with said interface ūüôā

stsadm Web Content Management

STSADM Extensions for WCM and beyond…

Further diving into the realm of STSADM extensions, I came across Andrew Connell‘s stsadm extensions for MOSS Web Content Management, providing the ability to quickly generate site columns, generate site content types or publish all items that are currently in queue of a web content site.

If you’re interested in going above and beyond what is already out there from Andrew, Gary and others, I’d recommend reading up Tony Bierman’s blog entry on extending the stsadm command set using the ISPStsadmCommand Interface.


STSADM Extensions… explored

First off, for those of you not familiar with Gary LaPointe’s STSADM Extensions, I would recommend checking out his blog over at and investigate what he’s got to offer.

For those of you that are familiar with stsadm for WSS and MOSS then you’re familiar with the likes of Ben Curry‘s Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Administrator’s Pocket Consultant which provides a thorough reference of the STSADM command set.¬† Sometimes the command set can be tedious, at other times, fairly trivial, but more than likely scripting something with it is somewhat tedious.

Enter Gary LaPointe’s stsadm extensions which take stsadm to the next level.¬† Gary’s extensions go above and beyond where arduous scripting would more than likely lead you, allowing you to quickly step out on administrative tasks without having to get stuck in the world of windows script host.

My current favorite extension would have to be the gl-backupsites extension which allows for the quick and easy backup of all site collections within a web application or farm.¬† For those of you that have had to write scripts to do this in the past, you’ll find that this is far simpler.

Thanks for your contribution to the community Gary!

Infrastructure Technology

Sun xVM VirtualBox – Small Footprint, Speedy

So I came across an article earlier today making mention of Sun’s xVM standards compliant Virtual Sandbox software and I figured, "It’s free and it looks halfway decent, plus it’s standards compliant."

So a quick visit over to Virtual Boxes web site ( and a little download magic and I was off and running setting up my first Virtual Machine using Sun’s software.

win2k8-sunVirtualBox Needless to say, my first impression is that while it may not have all the fancy features that VMWare Workstation has or Microsoft Virtual PC, its small footprint makes up for it as it blazes ahead.

Additionally, it’s cross platform nature allows you to quickly and easily take a virtual machine from one platform (Mac OS-X) over to another quickly (Windows XP) without the need for exporting a machine or going through a laborious process to bring it across.

I’m sure that I’ll find some bugs in it over the next few days, but I thought it would be interesting nonetheless to try it out for the sake of being vendor neutral in the realm of virtualization.