MOSS 2007 SharePoint Server 2007 Best Practices – First Thoughts

So I met Ben Curry at TechEd IT Pro Week 2008 and I must say that he’s a decent fellow that’s quite knowledgeable about SharePoint administration and provided some of the gotchas during his presentations.  But what’s better than an hour with Ben Curry?  767 pages of Ben Curry (and Bill English) goodness. their newest book "MOSS 2007 SharePoint Server 2007 Best Practices" was released and I have to say that it’s put together quite well.  There are still some holes in the table of contents that need to be filled, but that’s where third party authors like myself get to come in and fill the void right?

It covers the entire life cycle of SharePoint being used in an organization from the planning phase, the design phase, the change management aspects and the deployment piece.  If you’re looking for something to hold your hand as you go through the process, definitely recommend this piece of literature to.

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Skype Finally Supports Skype Out Numbers in the US!

Alright, so this is completely devoid of anything to do with SharePoint, but I was pleasantly surprised this evening when placing a call to a colleague over Skype and having him tell me that a local number in his exchange was showing on caller ID.  Sure enough, not only can my SkypeOut number show up, my mobile number can show up when using Skype.


Needless to say, "like whoa!" as Keanu would say…

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WWDC 2008 Keynote Mentions SharePoint

So I’ve been pondering whether or not to procure a MacBook Pro for my personal use and to hopefully push myself toward greater creativity and to disconnect myself from corporate work in some sense.

Nevertheless, while watching the WWDC 2008 Keynote speech, the first video regarding the iPhone in the Enterprise using Firmware 2.0 mentions the use of SharePoint as a document management system for one of the companies participating in the beta.  Quite interesting to hear mention of the Apple iPhone accessing SharePoint through the mini-Safari browser.

Where will SharePoint pop up next?

Certification Infrastructure SharePoint

TechEd 2008 – Day 1

Day 1 of TechEd 2008 was a long first day to open up the conference.  Starting off with breakfast at 7:30, heading to the keynote at 8:30 and then onward to breakout sessions, hands on labs and interactive sessions through 6:30 in the evening was quite a lot to digest – but the day didn’t end there as we headed over to the MCP/MCT/MVP Gathering in the evening and then over to the City Walk for the TechEd Groove.  Nevertheless, the core personal highlights included:

  • a better understanding of Dynamics CRM 4.0 and how it integrates with other products (Microsoft and other)
  • tips and tricks using PowerShell for web content management and the SharePoint object model
  • an understanding of the certification path for Windows Server 2008
  • hands on lab for advanced SharePoint administration – how I’ve missed working with the CLI
  • how records management is improving in MOSS 2007

All in all, a great first day at TechEd 2008.


TechEd 2008 – IT Pro Week

So I’m down here in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention center for TechEd 2008 – IT Pro Week.  The Windows 2008 pre-conference session so far is definitely eye opening and has definitely made me realize that there’s more to what is available with the W2K8 software than first perceived – have to rethink utilizing VMWare ESX for everything (not say that it won’t be used for the majority of things :-)).  Most interesting to me is probably the Server Core mode that is available – somewhat reminiscent of a shell command line interface (my favorite) that you’d find in Linux / Unix.

Funniest quote by Corey so far would probably be with regard to the “Microsoft Moment” where the status bar moves and then starts over again, again and again.