Claim your OneDrive Storage – Act Now

Friends, Countrymen, lend me your ears! Or in this case your eyes.

A few months back, Microsoft announced that they were changing the storage capacity for OneDrive consumer users. No longer would it be unlimited storage but rather capped at certain amounts for Office 365 users. For those individuals that were using OneDrive for free, the storage would be dropped from 15 gigabytes to 5 gigabytes.

For those of you however that want to keep your 15 gigabytes of storage and be grandfathered for a little while, you can do so by heading over to but you MUST ACT NOW!

I feel like I’m shouting this into the microphone. . . do it, do it now!


ShareGate and Snowzilla…

For anyone curious, yes, Northern Virginia got a decent amount of snow (it’s still snowing outside) as a part of what the Capital Weather Gang from the Washington Post refers to as “Snowzilla.”

So on my seventh time going and digging snow out, I noticed my Columbia insulated hat was still sopping wet, so what is there to do but go to my reliable backup and make use of the ShareGate branded winter hat that is just darn simple to use…   

Nevertheless, this snow too shall pass. Fortunately FiOS is still up and kicking, Bunkertuneage is rocking and Azure connectivity is still online. 

Take care, be safe and keep on rocking!

Microsoft Ignite 2016

Just in case you missed the announcement over on the Microsoft Company News Site or on the Microsoft Twitter MS Ignite account, Microsoft Ignite will be taking place in Atlanta, GA in September 2016.

Pre-Registration seems to have opened up to lock in a lower rate (woot!), available over at

I’m pretty excited about Atlanta in September… in part because I love the Atlanta Braves and can only hope that they’ll be in the hunt for the pennant, battling out the Mets and the Nationals :)

All that aside though, it should be a great conference with the next wave of Microsoft technologies that are being released in 2016. While there’s not a firm release date for my bread and butter favorite in SharePoint, I’m excited to see what content will be available at Ignite – plus what better place to hang out and see friends in the community?

If you’re planning conferences for 2016, go ahead and pencil this one in… scratch that, use ink and be there.

Whoa… Office 2016 is coming…

So just when you got used to Office 2013, boom, Office 2016 is hitting the streets as of 22 September 2015. This was announced yonder on the Microsoft Office blog – pretty darn cool.

Be sure to check out the Microsoft Cloud Roadshow taking place in November…

Reclaiming some space… bye bye Windows 8.1

So Microsoft released Windows 10 to the world back on 29 July. Many of us went ahead and pressed that upgrade button.

And then we all wondered where 20 GB went.

The upgrade process to Windows 10 actually allows you to revert back to a previous version of Windows – you probably noticed you had a C:\Windows.old directory sitting around on your hard drive. Some of you might have thought to yourselves, “I don’t need that, I’ll just delete it.” STOP!

Don’t do that.

Go press the Start Button (yay it’s back!!!) and type in Disk Cleanup. Disk Cleanup will pop open and you’ll say to yourself, I want all the disk space back I can get – mind you, you can’t revert back to your previous version of Windows if you do this. . . Click on the button in the bottom left that says something about Administrative System Files. Disk Cleanup will go and run a scan of things not initially presented which include, “Previous Windows Installation(s)”.

If you want to reclaim the space and have already scavenged the Windows.old directory for items that may not have been dropped in your Documents folder or Desktop folder and are ready to commit to expunging those files, click the check box and then okay.

You’ll get another pop up, and you’ll confirm it and boom, you’re on your way to reclaiming some hard drive space.

There’s a Microsoft support page, though oddly it’s written for Windows 8.1.

SharePoint Saturday NYC 2015

Another year, another July trip to New York City for SharePoint Saturday NYC. It’s like clockwork the way these folks run these events – great crew of organizers. I’m really looking forward to engaging with attendees and hearing their ideas during the session I’m presenting. It’s been two years since I’ve had the pleasure of presenting with Scott Hoag, and this year we’re actually doing a new talk!!! Come join us to hear more about Worst Practices for SharePoint.

Session info:
Worst Practices of SharePoint
In a perfect world, most SharePoint systems are well planned out with defined requirements, stakeholder approval, and methodology approaches with unlimited budgets. The reality of SharePoint implementations, deployments and operations are typically not what might be seen through rosy colored lenses.
For all of the things that can go wrong with your SharePoint implementation, one of the best things we can do is learn from others. From not accepting that implementing an established information architecture and having an available infrastructure are core tenants of every SharePoint installation to managing SLAs with your end users; join us as we share not only what we’ve seen as worst practices but also worst experiences.
Attendees will learn practices on how to properly manage their SharePoint environments, how to work with other IT department leads and plan for a more properly planned SharePoint environment instead of dealing with the headaches that precipitate themselves when systems are hastily thrown together.
Where: Central Park West in the Microsoft Offices of NYC
When: 230 PM Eastern
Slides will be posted up shortly after the event. We look forward to seeing you all!

Office DevCamps

The other day while recording Episode 15 of with Scott Hoag, I remembered something that was tweeted about during //Build and that I’d received an email about earlier in the day as well – Office DevCamp. So we included it in the show and hoped that folks would consider checking it out – it’s a great opportunity to meet folks from the Microsoft Office Developer team and to learn a thing or two… for free.

So what are Office DevCamp’s? Do I need a shovel? Will I need insect repellent? I sure hope not. I hope they’re going to teach us how to write Apps and use the Office 365 APIs.

If you’re done reading, head on over to and register.

For those of that are still here, good on you! Essentially the DevCamp is held at a Microsoft Office near you (in most instances) and it’s split out into a 5 part day. There are events all over the place in the US to include:

There are over a billion Office users out there in 147 countries (wow that’s a lot) and they’re all looking for ways to better use Office – so why not build an app for them?

Definitely sounds like an interesting day – hope that you’re able to make it out!