Brewery FM – Episode 7 – Delving About Delve… Again

MemeGenerator BreweryFMThis week has been a little hectic between work, life and community, but somehow Scott Hoag and I were still able to get together for an hour and record another session of

In this weeks episode, we call out Tim Ferro again – mostly because he asked us for some thoughts on an announcement from the Office 365 team on Azure ExpressRoute. Further, we discussed the intricacies of Azure’s RBAC features that were released a few months back (and how PowerShell is still the better way to implement RBAC if you need it with Azure) as well as a whole lot of other interesting topics.

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Needless to say, lots of exciting news in this episode! Quick download it now!

OneNote Clipper 2.0…

One of the most overlooked tools of Office is OneNote. If you’re not using it, well, I’ve got questions for you, but I suppose if you’ve already made a large investment in something like EverNote, then I suppose it’s somewhat forgiven.

Microsoft introduced OneNote Clipper back in March of 2004 through their Office Blogs. It allowed the ability to “clip” a page from the web and push it to a OneNote notebook hosted up in Microsoft’s cloud. Pretty handy for students and professionals to capture information to organize and use at a later point.

Well, Microsoft released version 2 of the OneNote Clipper last week and I have to say that even as a Mac OS X user, it’s plain simple to use.

Depending on the browser that you use, you’ll see a different button for installation purposes over at

OneNoteClipper ChromeInstall

Each of the different browsers handles the installation slightly different. For example, within Chrome, the installation is completed as a Chrome extension where the user is prompted to install OneNote Clipper similar to other Chrome Extensions:

OneNoteClipper ChromeInstaller

Once installed within Chrome it shows up similar to other extensions with a warm greeting to show you where it is within the extension bar:

OneNoteClipper ChromeExtension

After it’s installed, the UI of the Clipper in action is similar to what is seen in other browsers:

OneNoteClipper Chrome

Alternatively, the installation for Safari on Mac OS X is slightly different.

OneNoteClipper SafariInstallation

Instead of characterizing Safari as a browser with a specific extension, OneNote Clipper gets treated as a bookmarklet.

OneNoteClipper SafariInstallationMethod

Note that if you click on the Button to “Clip to OneNote” instead of dragging into the Bookmark bar of Safari, you’re greated with a cute message:
Don’t click, just drag :)

So you’ve dragged the “Clip to OneNote” up into the Safari Bookmark bar and then you’re confronted with the profound question… “Why haven’t I removed ESPN and Disney from the OOTB Bookmarks?”

OneNoteClipper SafariBookmarklet

Note that the OneNote Clipper in Safari is merely JavaScript in a Bookmarklet that provides operates a function called ‘oneNoteCaptureRootScript’. Pretty nifty in that the UI is identical to that of what is exposed within Chrome.

The actual functionality of the Clipper is pretty slick with the ability to capture a page, a region of a page or the text of a page as though it’s in an RSS Reader’s Article view. And while it captures these as pages that are images, Microsoft added an OCR capability within OneNote to dig through the images to find text (whoa).

Furthermore, the article view provides a nice capture of text as can be seen below, grabbing the core elements of the page without the CSS and such…

OneNoteClipper PSConfigArticle

But there are some instances where the page doesn’t turn up any article elements, alerting the user to try a different mode:

OneNoteClipper ArticleNoArticleFound

All in all, a pretty slick implementation to assist in capturing relevant information to use at a later time. Well done Microsoft – even helping us Mac users out :)

Office 2016 IT Pro and Developer Preview

Looks like Office 2016 Developer and IT Pro review was announced yonder at the Office blog today.

Check it out -

To participate you’re routed over to Microsoft Connect here –

If you’re excited about what’s next, definitely give it a whirl – be mindful though that per the article “the early build doesn’t contain all the features we’re planning to ship in the final product.” So what does that mean? More than likely Microsoft will be revving this over the next few weeks and months.

Office Apps for iOS updated to version 1.6

IMG_0358This morning at 4:21 AM Eastern I was greeted by a pleasant surprise with an update in the iOS App Store alerting me to version 1.6 of the various Microsoft apps for Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel). In the change notes the first item listed is “iCloud Support” meaning that now you’ve got three options for your file source – Office 365, DropBox and iCloud.
That’s pretty swanky all things considered. And even upon opening the app it gives you a little reminder of what new things are in store for you as seen here:

When you actually go into the app and click on the ellipsis, you’re greeted with your iCloud location as an option or source of data. Note that you’re given a view of the folders available as seen here:
2015-02-17 09.02.54
As you can see I don’t see iCloud all that much… :)

More goodness pertaining to this new capability as well as other data source providers (Box, SalesForce, Citrix) in the Office Web Applications available here in the Microsoft Office Blogs:

For more about the Cloud Storage Provider program check here –

Brewery FM

So for the past year, some of you might have wondered, “What happened to Dan always presenting with Scott Hoag and all of a sudden they’re not. Did they have a falling out?”

Not quite… more Scott took a position that moved him to Australia. So back to presenting on my own. I had the treat and privilege of getting to present 5 sessions with him at SPS Events Virginia Beach back in January 2015. While Scott was back we tossed around a couple of ideas – primarily around setting up a podcast or blog or something.

9742milesSo, fast forward 15 days and here we have the launch of Brewery.FM. It’s our podcast, recorded weekly, 9742 miles and change (or ~15678.2 Kilometers for our friends that use Metric measurements) to chat about a few different things.

The core focus of the podcast is the following:

  • For us to catch up – the time difference is killer and makes it tough to have regular conversations…
  • For us to compare notes on what’s going on in the world of Azure, AWS and other cloud technologies…
  • For us to talk about our favorite hoppy potent potables…
  • For us to share about what else is going on in our lives that doesn’t fall into one of those buckets…

Nevertheless, we hope that you’ll join in and catch us on the cast. To check out episode 1, browse on over here –

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If you’ve got questions about what’s going on, definitely feel free to submit them to us on Twitter by following @breweryFM. Some day we’ll open an e-mail account… someday.